Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018: SVCC(minus)

Silicon Valley Comic Con makes its third go around. The first and second year had a great start and respective growth, and was finding a sense of identity. Science and technology is put at the forefront of their identity and as such, science fiction and comics find their way into a promising environment of intellectual... Continue Reading →


Crunchyroll Expo 2017: All You (Con) Want

Note: Due to health issues, this article was delayed. Some information about Crunchyroll Expo 2018 is provided at the end. Crunchyroll is an online streaming service that began over a decade ago and, with its growing fan base and popularity, has taken its first steps into the convention arena. Announced back in February 2017, the... Continue Reading →

Site (Rep): What’s Your (Con) Size?

With comic culture becoming popular culture, conventions are emerging at a noticeable rate. With that, some people find general difficulty in identifying an entry point. When I was a kid, I went to a one room hotel con and bought prints from an artist named Dire Wolf, and that created a deep seeded love for... Continue Reading →

Unleash the Kraken (Con):Spring ’16

It's been almost a year since we went to Kraken Con, and at the time, Jeanette and I decided we should try to check out new local conventions.  It is always good to support growing conventions that have had both positive reviews and a good focus. Since 2013, this bi-annual convention (Spring and Fall), has... Continue Reading →

(Final) FanimeCon 2016

FanimeCon was a strange case of being highly involved, but noticeably absent. Fanime is our local convention and is an anime event that is well supported by the city ; San Jose posts banners all across the city, local businesses often welcome attendees and the beautiful Fairmont hotel is a host for the panels and... Continue Reading →

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