San Diego Comic Con 2017: Seven Year (Sw)itch

If you prefer to hear about my experience, you can find them on the Panel to Panel page. San Diego Comic Con, or as it more frequently abbreviated as SDCC is still one of the largest North American conventions and the largest on the West Coast. In addition to the under estimated 130,000 attendees, it... Continue Reading →


Hydra Comic Con 2017: Head(ing) in Two Directions

Hydra Comic Con is the newest addition to the bay area convention scene.  It's the younger sibling to relative new comer Kraken Con, but shows many common qualities in aesthetic and feel.  The inaugural year was held the same weekend as Father's day and the Wizard World Sacramento, and delivered a unique experience that would... Continue Reading →

Site (Rep): What’s Your (Con) Size?

With comic culture becoming popular culture, conventions are emerging at a noticeable rate. With that, some people find general difficulty in identifying an entry point. When I was a kid, I went to a one room hotel con and bought prints from an artist named Dire Wolf, and that created a deep seeded love for... Continue Reading →

Unleash the Kraken (Con):Spring ’16

It's been almost a year since we went to Kraken Con, and at the time, Jeanette and I decided we should try to check out new local conventions.  It is always good to support growing conventions that have had both positive reviews and a good focus. Since 2013, this bi-annual convention (Spring and Fall), has... Continue Reading →

(Final) FanimeCon 2016

FanimeCon was a strange case of being highly involved, but noticeably absent. Fanime is our local convention and is an anime event that is well supported by the city ; San Jose posts banners all across the city, local businesses often welcome attendees and the beautiful Fairmont hotel is a host for the panels and... Continue Reading →

(Creative) Team-Ups

Hey all I know I haven't been writing much on the blog, I haven't been slacking, I have been working with a couple of friends on some other things. I'm doing some writing here and there for Nerdbot and going to do a comics and convention centered podcast called "Panel to Panel". Nerdbot is a... Continue Reading →

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