Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016: Start Up Potential w/ (Tech)nical Difficulties

This past weekend was Silicon Valley Comic Con, the brainchild of Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee, who  sought to create a unique convention  that merged new technologies with comic culture, and make their mark as Silicon Valley's flagship convention. The show also featured a cast reunion for "Back to the Future", and other popular actors... Continue Reading →


Coming to (Literary) Terms: Deus Ex Machina

Part of what makes a graphic novel more novel than novelty is the fact that it can be used to discuss and appreciate the nature of literature in a relatively accessible format. A great graphic novel can be just as challenging, thought provoking, and structured as anything else we consider traditionally as literary canon. One... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Con: Silicon Valley Comic Con

So, there is a local convention (for me), coming around the corner: Silicon Valley Comic Con. While I don't know what to expect, I am happy to say that this convention will have a lot to offer for me personally. Things I'm looking forward to: Speaking on a comic convention panel: This is probably the most... Continue Reading →

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