I’m pretty sure this is a bad idea

I’m pretty sure this is a bad idea.

I have yet to successfully continue any goal I have started during the beginning of the new year. I have made two goals quite unsuccessfully that have cost me 2.5 bottles of very delicious scotch. However, this is coming off the tail end of a failure and hopefully that means that this time it may work.

I’m a terrible writer of stories. I think I am good at telling short personal stories, but when it comes down to even a short story, I don’t think that is in my current practiced wheel house. So I am going to start small; I’m going to start blogging. I have no idea what it entails, but hopefully it just means pouring out thoughts and seeing who responds.

Short term goal of this is to let this space be a hodge podge of information about upcoming RPGAdventurers con experiences, upcoming plans, thoughts on current geek events and maybe something legitimately educational.

Before I even launch into any content, I wanted to tell people why I’m doing this: I love comics. To be very specific, I love superheroes. I often talk about this picture, but I’d like to share it with everyone to prove my point.2016-01-03 23.18.48

This is the moment that I became a comic book fan. I have loved Spider Man since I was a little kid. He is the first hero I laid hands on and since then, he will always be the first hero in my heart. I grew up with friends that grew out of being fans, that grew into different fans. While sports and girls began to draw their attention away, I still made my regular trips to the local shops, and growing up in the 90’s, I feel lucky to have had so many of them to choose from. I got into sports, I still played games, but I also remained a dedicated Spider Man fan. Through the animated series, into Spider-Man Unlimited, I loved every story, especially the extra terrible ones. My early ideas of love were based on Gwen Stacy; I imagined I would meet that perfect girl, who would see me in all the ways that no one else could. Even as I set off the study English, and become a teacher, Peter Parker validated my decisions, as he, too, went back to teach at his alma mater.

I’ve been a geek, pretty much alone in that interest, for a very long time. I had to suffer through the isolation of my passion, fortunate to persevere in a time when it is now chic to be geek, in vogue to be Rogue. While I will always feel a little bit out of place, I’m excited that I get to finally connect with people in a way that I was never able to when I was younger. I’m looking to find a way to become deeper embedded in that which I’ve loved for so long. I’m hoping that this will be a good start to that, in whatever way that is.

Thanks for taking the time to read, or skim. Hopefully, this has made you a little nostalgic as well.

“Rightly to be great is not to stir without great argument, but greatly to find quarrel in a straw when honour’s at the stake.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet Act IV, Sc.IV


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  1. We are all that one person that wishes that a fortuitous occasion will strike and in that one instant imbue us with great power. Instead, all we get is responsibility in life. Yet, may that be what begets power in the first place?


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